CHUBBY BUMS Adjustable Cloth Diapers

How many CHUBBY BUMS adjustable cloth diapers should I get?

ONE if you'd like to try cloth diapers.

FIVE if you already have some and would like more for backup.

TWENTY if you want to fully adopt cloth diapers into your lifestyle. With 20, you will have 2-3 to spare for a newborn during the monsoon seasons. 

CHUBBY BUMS are available in 3 options - Singles, 5 Diaper Bundles and 20 Diaper Bundles. Get yours today and make a positive impact on mother nature.

How long will CHUBBY BUMS adjustable cloth diapers really last?

If you are fully adopting our CHUBBY BUM adjustable cloth diapers into your parenting lifestyle, they should last through to your second or third baby.

However, the life expectancy of our diapers strongly rely on proper wash & care. Please ensure that you use non-bio laundry detergents and wash on a gentle cycle at 35°C. After washing, please line dry or tumble dry on low and we are confident that CHUBBY BUMS would last up until your third baby.

How do I wash CHUBBY BUMS adjustable cloth diapers?

Rinse off any solids, remove inserts from diaper covers, place all diaper covers and inserts in a laundry bag and load your washing machine. 

Wash your load with non-bio laundry detergent on a gentle cycle at 35°C. Line dry or tumble dry on low and voila! Your cloth diapers are ready for reuse.