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Chubby Phat Kisses

CHUBBY SILICONE POUCH SETS Platinum Food Grade Silicone Pouches

CHUBBY SILICONE POUCH SETS Platinum Food Grade Silicone Pouches

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CHUBBY SILICONE POUCH SETS are platinum food grade silicone pouches that come in a set of 4. Platinum Food Grade Silicone means it is suitable for everything from daily mama duties and baby essentials to kitchen organisation.

It is suitable to handle extreme temperatures like simmering in hot water and stored in the freezer.

A lot of our customers found it useful for storing breast pumps, children’s snacks and feeding utensils. We hope you like them as much as we do!


Extra Large - 2000mL

Large - 800mL

Medium - 400mL

Small - 200mL


Our CHUBBY SILICONE POUCH SETS come in 4 colours - White, Peach, Mint and Blue.


Please wash with dishwashing soap before use.

For food storage, feeding utensil storage and breast pump storage, please wash with dishwashing soap before and after every use to prevent contamination. We also recommend sanitising by simmering the pouches in hot water or placing them in a UV sanitiser. 


Our CHUBBY SILICONE POUCHES are reusable and a better alternative to single use plastic storage bags and containers so landfill waste will be significantly reduced.

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